Amy Worrall Moosey Art

Amy’s ceramic sculptures are a physical manifestation of her research into different ways of looking at girls.

Her work is centered around female empowerment - a celebration of girlhood, womanhood and the in-between, inhabited by the ultimate girl gang, obsessed with Britney. They are screaming along to ‘Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.’ The girls are expressive – made of lumpy, unreal shapes. “My women are weirdos painted with garish colours and gangly limbs coming from oversized bodies”. “Through my sculptures, I make a world that is filled with the life, colour and femininity of both the world around me and the one in my head”.

“I address the idea of the female gaze vs the male gaze and how I as an individual look at other women. The male gaze is so well defined and widely understood but the concept of the female gaze is still in its infancy, that excites me, that I can bend, shape and define it for myself. The catalyst for this is my love of pop culture and how being bombarded with a constant stream of images created in the male gaze has shaped my female gaze. I’ve traced my own personal history with pop culture – the Spice Girls and Britney Spears being huge figures in my childhood – to create my own world of ceramic characters filled with my references that I’ve been unconsciously collecting since I was born”.

Using a playful approach and background in both ceramics and illustration Amy delves into the complicated personal relationships she has with her beloved pop culture and the manufactured pop stars held so dear. Telling a story that is darkly humorous and tinged with tragedy. Physically testing ideas of scale and space with immersive installations, scenography and sound.

Mimicking familiar images to lure the audience to the work, then the paradoxes begin to reveal themselves; coexisting as two binaries at once – young and old, cute and ugly, the female form and the shapeless, utopia and dystopia, desire and repulsion.

“I see these characters as a giant skewed self-portrait, each character is a different fragment of the same collective mind. Taking the viewer on a disorientating journey with me through pure joy to total disarray, filled with glitzy yet detached, dead eyed girls who morph between cutesy caricature and monstrous creature, inhabiting the space between dream and nightmare”.