Growing up in Sao Paulo, Muretz was exposed to the world of graffiti, where throw ups and bombs by Os Gemeos, Onesto and other local artists screamed colour on the street's grey walls. Between a skateboard ride and the local pub, Muretz would go out at night with his backpack full of spray cans to leave some pixo marks around his own city. A few years later, he moved to London where he worked and attended Central Saint Martins. Muretz discovered a new universe of artists, illustrators, and also the work of Banksy. After a few years in the UK, Muretz decided to return to his home town, without spray cans on his backpack, but with his mind full of ideas.

With a style that hints at disinterest for complex details and elaborate finishes, Muretz uses simple strokes and solid colours to portray his comic characters, sometimes in awkward situations, but always in a thoughtful and inspirational way. Today, his drawings, are featured on TV cartoon series, newspaper and magazine editorials, as well as the walls of his home town. His style is a big contrast to the standard graffiti that is common in the local scene: instead of screaming complexity and colours, or repetitive and aggressive graffiti tags, Muretz focuses on the content and ideas he wants to get across with his piece, while leaving the form always simple and clean.

In this selection we show part of the artist's production in 2015, the year in which his works gained significant attention by the public through graffiti. In this phase, Muretz is influenced by surrealism and transcendentalism, with trippy and sometimes dark themes, enlightened by a mundane and ironic view that is so peculiar of his.