As the month, that began with the closing of Barras and Plaetz’ hugely successful show, Near Future, draws to a close we at Moosey are already thinking ahead to our next exciting installment of art. Finally we are able to give you the lowdown and it is with this is mind that we bring you Coté Escrivá, an artist hot off the Valencian press. A Spanish artist who combines his love of graphic design and art to create twisted imagery, subverting what we expect and delivering instead a combination of both the familiar and unrecognisable in the form of his solo show, “Stolen Icon”.

“My intention is always to capture the attention and not remain indifferent,” said Escriva when he was first asked to describe his aesthetic; “I like to play with characters or things that already exist and give them a twist. Some people think my work is a little dark (I like to abuse the black, usually draw tattoos, monsters, and things like that) but on the other hand it also has a childish touch. I think certainly that it's the result of everything that has influenced me over my life.” There is certainly an undeniable poignancy to seeing childhood favourites “frankenstiened” together, their excited poses frozen yet still the product of a televised youth.

It is no surprise that Escriva has fed an insatiable appetite for art from his early youth, poring over the exact cartoon characters and styles he now rearranges effortlessly as an adult in his everyday work. The playful, imaginative edge has never waned however. “My textbooks always ended daubed from top to bottom. At that time I used to draw devils, strong monsters, people doing skateboarding, surfing, drawing the things I liked. I also drew comics with classmates as protagonists.”

“There is Picasso phrase that I liked, "bad artists imitate, good artists steal".” Escriva laughed, citing Banksy as an approver for the ethoswhich inspired the recycling of the well-loved imagery of many a childhood. “For this exhibition that has been the focus, almost literally, I have stolen some of the icons of pop culture, as Warhol's campbell soup or banana, the Coke bottle, the Michelin Man and of course some animated characters given them a Cote twist.” When visiting Stolen Icon, Escriva has in mind a vision of how the reactions to his pieces will play out; “the first moment when you recognize a character, your first reaction is that it looks familiar to how you had always seen it in the past, but then you look for a while longer and you realise what you expected to see doesn’t fit, maybe that's what I like about my drawings, I like being able to blow people’s minds a bit.”

The show begins on Thursday 9th of July, runs all the way through until Saturday 25th and is absolutely worth a visit for the unique imagery combining the familiar and the unexpected that Coté Escrivá seamlessly demonstrates.