Carl Cashman

Based out of Devon in the UK, Carl primarily works on wood panels, recently expanded his practice to include works on found objects and repurposed surfaces, such as old paintings and baseball bats. Using UV reactive paints at times to create an added dimensional effect, his abstract geometric imagery often produces the illusion of emitting actual light and movement. Visually hypnotic and entrancing, they’re optically stimulating pieces that seem to hum with energy and depth, interrupting our expectations of real space in a wash of color and illusion. 

Carl has shown work all over the world in places such as: New York, san francisco, Berlin, Miami, Amsterdam plus many more.

For this show, Cashman has created a new selection of work in two parts – one is a a series of pieces on reclaimed or found materials and the other half is playing with Iconic symbols or logos using the idea of illusion and tricking the eye. Still recognizable and within his visual language. Carl continues the concept of creating images by using only straight lines, allows the possibility of incorporate texts and symbols within his new body of work.