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Since starting out, Koe’s work has evolved a very distinct style, making his portraits highly recognisable. “Portraiture in art stands out to me mainly because no two people are exactly the same, I like how portraiture paintings can convey such strong emotions from the subject to the viewer... Teal has always been a fresh colour and stood out to me more than any other and I used to paint my logo in Magenta so, knowing pink was a complimentary colour to turquoise, I chose to use both colours as an experiment on a wall in Australia.”

He liked this aesthetic so much that he then took his ideas home to the UK and experimented further, formulating these two base colours until he had an entire palette of tones. “They worked really well with the black and white portrait studies I was working on at the time. You could say it has now become my signature style which people now recognise me by.”


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