Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin lives in the city of Norwich on the East coast of the UK. 

"Joel Benjamin’s art is at once classically clean and futuristically bright. Those adjectives might seem like wordy but hollow ways of describing a person’s art that obviously pours out of a complicated heart. From his work depicting musicians like Fleet Foxes to his “Hembra,” which frames dangerous, feminine sexuality, Benjamin’s style is precise without being sterile. The colors pop, and it’s clear there’s a hot-blooded artist behind the canvas."



Selected Clients:, Business Insider, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Delta Sky Magazine, Unilever, Hacker Monthly, PESH Skateboard Co, Milk Skateboard Co, Fearless Records, Monorex, Feltraiger NYC, Coca Cola, Oxford University Press, Natmags/Rodale, Cambridge Publishing Ltd, Avian Records, EpochTimes International, Smash Skates, ALDO Group, Oceanman Records.