Louie Isaaman-Jones

Louie Isaaman-Jones is an artist/designer from Norwich. He studied at Central St. Martins and Chelsea School of Art, graduating in 2015.


Louie’s work treads a fine line between art, craft & design, applying a range of physical and digital skills that makes up part of his unique approach. He is fascinated by combining digital and analogue processes - believing that the range of mediums, processes, content and avenues of research available to contemporary artists provides scope for endless possibilities. 


The content of Louie’s personal artwork reflects his inclination to create work that is universally understood. Whether using abstracted colour and shapes, ephemeral imagery or sensory saturation his aim is to create an emotional connection. Not by telling you how to feel but by invoking feelings you already had.


In the image series ‘alpenblumen’  Louie explores a process that involves a harmonious relationship between physical artefact, human manipulation, mechanical disruption and a digital outcome.