'A Prickly Pair' By 45rpm and Mr Penfold

'A Prickly Pair' By 45rpm and Mr Penfold

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A self proclaimed 'compulsive creator' from Bristol, 45rpm's witty and characterful creations often use wordplay, common colloquial phrases and humorous gestures to interact and communicate with audiences. He also benefits from a wide and experimental scope of practice, in his own words... “If there is a creative pie, then my painty fingers are in it.” However he seems to most enjoy conjuring up playful characters and gestures to make you crack a smirk.

Mr Penfold

Penfold hails from Cambridge, England, and currently living in Bristol. After leaving school he started working in a professional collaborative printmaking studio making work for and with artists of international repute. Over years he has developed a very distinctive way of working and a range of imagery that is unmistakable. He has been formed by a number of influences ranging from skateboard graphics to classical and formal abstraction. He has developed a distinctive and recognizable palette and formulated a set of conditions that he applies to his work