26/11/15 - 12/12/15

Pali has been drawing since he could hold a pencil without eating it or stabbing himself in the eye. At the age of 12 he saw the movie 'Beat Street' and understood what he wanted to do with his drawings; paint them really big on walls. A short time after he saw the start of ERZ (Essex Rockerz). Unfortunately the illegal side of this fun hobby caught up with him, he was forced to move away from his friends and do something constructive with his life and joined an art college to study fine art instead. 

At the end of his degree he pursued a normal career and didn't pick up a pencil for 20 years. It was only a series of unfortunate events that led him to East London and a chance meeting with now close friends that put him back in touch with ERZ. Now, 4 years on, Pali is happy to find himself here.
This show is about bringing together all the things that influenced Pali.
Graffiti, Fine art and the Cartoons he used to read as a child. In short, Cy Twombley meets Bill Watterson.

He believes artists should embrace the latest technologies. "I incorporate both digital and hand drawn elements within my creative process and hope to achieve an end product that has a genuine balance between the 2 areas". To this end he has chosen to use contemporary materials, spray paint and Perspex; although the methods used to paint in reverse on the back of the Perspex are the same as used since Roman times within the tradition of verre églomisé.

Pali has combined mark making learned at art college, with efficiency of line from cartooning and scale from Graffiti to help himself understand better why a line or mark does the job it does. 
"I use fun and a childish zest for life as an ongoing theme in the hope of inspiring others, and recognisable brands to make my work more accessible"