00001 By Anmar Mirza & Muretz

00001 By Anmar Mirza & Muretz


One colour screenprint on Somerset satin paper. Deckled edges 

42cm x 59cm

Hand signed edition of 50

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Anmar Mirza

Anmar Mirza is an up and coming artist based in Norwich, UK. He encompasses many aspects of design and uses various mediums including, pen, paint and graphics to portray his style. Last year was extremely busy for Anmar as his popularity grows. He has been commissioned to paint a number of murals throughout the UK as well as being invited to Amsterdam and Barcelona to showcase his works. This year promises yet more exciting projects and artworks to come.




All the way from Sao Paulo the hollow eyed creations of Muretz have come to twist themselves around your retinas and pull you into their surreal universe of clean shapes and bold outlines. Mauro Golin transposes the playful wonderings of his imagination into his haunting style of street art and the result is an encapsulating little segment of morbid folly, kind of like if Steamboat Willie and Norman Bates conceived a 2-D love child.