The Doodlethon

A 48 Hour Charity Doodle Marathon By The Doodle Man In Support of ‘World Child Cancer’

At 12pm on the 13th May ‘The Doodle Man’ will be starting an audacious attempt at doodling the whole of the Moosey Art gallery over the space of 48 hours. NON STOP.


The Plan

We will be covering every inch of the Moosey Art gallery in paper; Floor, ceiling, desk and special guests. The Doodle man will then be covering these items with his unique doodle style.

Over the course of the marathon there will be events taking place in the gallery and music nights taking place next door in ‘The Alley’


We will be raising money through a variety of methods:

- Donations on the doors
- Once the marathon is complete we will be cutting all the paper into to A3 sized sections, each section will be available to buy for £10 each.
- Club night taking place in ‘The Alley’ with all entrance fees going towards the cause.




The Doodle Man 

“When ‘The Doodle Man’ was younger, it was clear he was driven by his OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drawing). 

His work consumes walls, furniture and many surfaces, almost like a virus and is often described as 'Graffiti Spaghetti'. This is because his clusters of characters, objects and patterns group together in a formation that appears to continue to grow relentlessly. 

His passion for creating work has lead him to experimenting with various formats of art including animation, video work and performance art”