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Moosey Art spoke to Filipino artist Kobusher ahead of the launch of his new screen print.

Kobusher describes himself as a ‘‘newbie’’ to the art world, but always having a keen interest in painting. He began to produce sketches of popular cartoon characters during his time working as a creative director for the advertising agency BBDO Guerrero in Manilla. 

Kobusher gave up his job to focus on what he loved, painting. This allowed what had been drawings of cartoon characters to be transformed into eye-catching acrylic pieces. Work that showed well know characters such as Homer Simpson and Pop-Eye in a completely different way.

His artistic skills were developed during his time studying fine arts at the University of the Philippines. His work combines artistic flair with a childhood fascination with pop-culture. This stemmed from an exposure at a young age to influences from both 1980s Western and Japanese sources, ranging from MTV to manga. 

Indeed Kobusher has taken a lot from manga, including his name, derived from a character in Mazinger Z, Koji Kobuto and also his artistic style. 

When asked about the message behind his work Kobusher was quick to reply that there was no deeper message imbued into his art, adding: ‘’For me it’s very topical and need not have a deeper meaning…What you see is what you get.’’

Nonetheless he is keen for people to take a message from his work, just not one dictated by him, saying: ‘’That’s the thing about art, it can have a different meaning and effect to different people, even to the artist that created it.’’ 

Kobusher said that themes of anonymity highlighted in his work were reflections of his own personality, stating: ‘’I try to hide from recognition and fame and would prefer people to focus on the work, not the person that made it.’’

This attitude of shying away from the lime-light was again shown in his playing down of a potential exhibition of his work at the Moniker in Brooklyn later this year. This would add to previous exhibitions with Secret Fresh, VinyonVinl and an upcoming event at the Art Fair Philippines. 

Kobusher is wary of operating in an art world dominated by social media, one which at times is saturated with artist all trying to stand out. Seeing it as a necessary if not entirely wanted aspect of the modern art world. Believing a key aspect to being noticed and remaining fresh is one which has always been important, that of originality adding: ‘’it all boils down to the kind of work you produce’’.

In regard to the future Kobusher is optimistic, if unsure of where his work would go, saying only that he wanted to be satisfied with it like any artist. He added: ‘’hopefully as I mature, even if I am already 45, so will my art’’.

Kobushers prints launched on Sunday 14th of January at Moosey Art and https://mooseyart.co.uk/ 


Words By Sam Doyle


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