'Harder, Faster' by Alexander Owen

Moosey, Norwich is excited to present a collection of new paintings by London based, Alexander Owen. ‘Harder, Faster’ welcomes us to experience the relationship between abandoned industrial landscapes and emerging contemporary nightlife.

Harder, Faster

On an industrial estate in South London, heavy thumping bass and coloured lights spill out of an old warehouse. "...As industries move out of large spaces due to rising costs and redevelopment, emerging nightlife scenes emerge within them during the in-between period. Temporary spaces are incubated by the nightlife scene, adding cultural value to the location until its significance is large enough for interest to return and transform the building. This isn’t a new phenomenon either, from the UK rave scene in the 90’s hijacking spaces for a single night to larger more established venues such as Berghain and Tresor in Berlin which both operate in decommissioned power plants.

Because of the popularity of some of these spaces, the look and feel o the “warehouse rave” has become synonymous with the techno music played there. There is a sense of authenticity fostered in these spaces, both by the people in them and by the building itself. As the "warehouse" is popularised, it is now being replicated on larger scales. Where the intimacy is lost, so is the authenticity. This is called into question by the works, as all the tools and equipment are brand new, shiny, and glistening. They’ve never been used but reference the feel of the space...”

These spaces are often used by queer nightlife events that play on the "macho" look of industrial space: cracking concrete, metal tubing, and dark rooms. This links back to a historic pattern in gay nightlife, where clubs attempt to convey a harder, more masculine feel through the night’s name, branding, and more. The show’s title is a nod to these club nights' names and not-so-secret activities, but also to the fast-paced beats and heavy-hitting bass of the techno scene.Moosey invites us to embrace the liminal space created by Alexander Owen and to celebrate the community they bring together.