'Sign' by Hiroshima Shinkichi

Born 1994 in Japan, Hiroshima Shinkichi currently lives and works in Saitama Prefecture. Hiroshima uses acrylic paints and airbrushes to create his pieces, with the use of pop colours and patterns to produce lively atmospheres, and thus creating a juxtaposition with some of his darker themes.

“I create works by enlarging an image of a single action, taken by a human being. I wanted to create an exhibition that would allow people to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of human behaviour. I imagine a “realistic fiction” that is likely to happen but in reality does not. I don’t just want to draw fun pictures, but I would be happy if the viewer could imagine the story before and after.”

“My daily life is drawing characters whose emotions are somewhat unreadable and distorted. There is always a story behind their amusing actions that unfold in ordinary everyday life.”