'Things Happen' by Imon Boy

Imon Boy (b.1991) is a Spanish artist from Malaga. He has been involved in the world of graffiti for years and practiced a lot of graffiti writing within the streets of Malaga. His pieces alternated from stylised lettering into painting and drawings of graffiti related memes.

In a self-referential way, he brings to the artistic plane everything that he has formed as a person throughout his life: graffiti, video games, internet, cinema, music, travel, etc. The key to his production is the union of all these elements, the curiosity for drawing and the search for new forms and settings. He alternates his street pieces with other studio projects in a parallel and enriching way, that collapses the boundaries between graffiti and fine art.

“I’ve been painting for many years, so it’s all about evolution. Traditional graffiti is based on letters. Everything changed when I started incorporating other elements outside of graffiti and testing my curiosity. All this has been over several years and is a continuous process. Now, those elements have overcome graffiti. The graffiti scene has always been closed with classic ideas. I have never felt completely comfortable in the graffiti scene, and I’m still not. Everything has names, rules, and protocols.”

“I paint everything that comes into my life, everything I consume daily or have consumed. My work is a pure experimentation. I draw a lot, it is something that I recommend to everyone – drawing without fear and creating new shapes. When I draw, I don’t try to do something perfect, just ideas and play with the letters or scenarios.”