'Kid Eternity, Maintain Frequency' by Jeff Ladouceur

Moosey London is delighted to announce their first solo exhibition with Canadian artist Jeff Ladouceur. Jeff Ladouceur (b.1976) is a self- taught artist that works primarily in ink and graphite drawings, but has also experimented in huge-scale sculptures, inflatables, and mixed media. Drawing and art making is definitely a built in mechanism and natural obsession for Jeff. His first love and ‘primary practice’ is drawing, painting and sculpture. “It just feels like an organic language that is constantly breathing in me.”

“I have a very quiet, traditional and almost secretive practice. I (like many artists) draw and doodle in notebooks constantly. Day and night. A constant inner visual monologue is flowing. These stacks of notebooks and logbooks are like little seed gardens, these books get mulched and chopped up into files and piles of essential images that I can pull from for new work. Paper is light in small amounts but it grows incredibly heavy and I used to travel and move a lot so I developed a practice of cutting up and carving up sketchbooks down to the very essentials when moving or travelling to a new place.”

Jeff selects, ‘translates’ and reworks images from his notebooks into finished works. “They are glorious to peek back into even years later. I often will get a ‘new’ idea and then I will look at a much older sketchbook, from many years ago and see that I had already had that idea long ago! I have slept on ideas for years, many times and perhaps I always will.”

Jeff has published work in Vice, Paper, Kramer’s Ergot, The Believer, The New York Times, Juxtapoz, The Drawer, and various other publications. He has also been involved in exhibitions worldwide including Richard Heller Gallery in LA, The Hole, New York, Galerie Georges-Phillippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris, as well as The Vancouver Art Gallery, where his 35 foot Inflatable Sculpture titled ‘Floater’ was displayed on the outer facade of the Museum for 6 months. He is very excited and honoured to finally have his first solo show in the UK.