'Love Letter to England' by Bianca MacCall

Born in Worcester 1993. Currently living and working in Bristol.

"In my practice, I am continually drawn to the everyday. Whilst my relationship to this country is conflicted, this series became a love letter to England, embracing and celebrating the duality of the highs and lows of life in this country.

My use of oil paint is deliberately flat, stylistically somewhere between photographic realism and intentionally painterly brushstrokes. Every painting is a scene that I have observed and found some familiarity with, influenced by documentary photography and film. Public spaces are held in a moment of emptiness, pets watch for their owners, a hand hovers outstretched. The paintings wait. By evoking these slow, quiet moments of modern life, I invite the viewer to pause too. A moment of the silliness and loneliness of contemporary life becoming nostalgia."

Opens Thursday 6th June 6-8pm at Moosey Art, Labour In Vain Yard, Norwich, NR2 1JD