'More Than Now' Presented By Lisa Boudet

Moosey gallery is pleased to announce ‘MORE THAN NOW’ a group show curated by Lisa Boudet showcasing 25 international talented emerging artists around the theme of psychological safety.

Ever felt hesitant to voice your thoughts, fearing judgment or rejection? It's a common struggle, leading many to withdraw from expressing themselves. The exhibition ‘MORE THAN NOW’ reflects on the concept of ‘psychological safety’, a culture of rewarded vulnerability. It is about feeling truly comfortable to be yourself, share your ideas, and learn from others without fear of judgment or punishment. It is a cornerstone for cultivating creativity and it has made its way into many industries for the best. While authenticity empowers, do we open ourselves to vulnerability, unsure of who truly has our best interests at heart? 25 artists explore this concept from various perspectives and mediums, delving into the comfort of stepping beyond our boundaries, the liberation of embracing authenticity, and the celebration of diverse viewpoints as well as its risks and challenges.

For this event, parachutes fill the gallery, resembling a recent safe arrival. They embody both safety and boldness. Just like theatre curtains, they also remind us how hard it can be to be yourself around others.

Opens Thursday 28th March 2024 6-8pm


Amber Larks, Emily Yong Beck, Meghann Stephenson, Maria Szakats, Charline Tyberghein, Hamish Chapman, Masha Morgunova, Annie Duncan, Judit Kristensen, Ally Rae, Laura Watters, Youngmin Park, Martin Herold, Alex Long, Olivier Lepront, Pieter Ceizer, Filippo Moroni, Gongmo Zhou, Royal Jarmon, Thomas Martinez Pilnik, Christian Ulloa, Sebastien Alouf, Nick Fusaro, Alex Hanna and Bradley Ward.