'My Escape' by Shinkichi Hiroshima

Born 1994 in Japan, Shinkichi Hiroshima currently lives and works in Saitama Prefecture. Hiroshima uses acrylic paints and airbrushes to create his pieces, with the use of pop colours and patterns to produce lively atmospheres, and thus creating a juxtaposition with some of his darker themes.

In "My Escape," the venue is arranged as if the lives of residents with different worldviews were captured in randomly cropped photographs.
There is not much connection there, only phenomena such as confusion and anxiety. To read the story, there are extremely few items that provide information, but that's fine. seen in daily life. It's similar to trying to read the actions of someone who might be present with little information.

What comes into view is their potential, which oscillates between reality and fantasy. Historically, running away has been punishable in certain situations, and the same treatment applies in modern times. The instincts of living things are suppressed by universal values. . This feeling of being constrained may sometimes manifest as part of their actions. The targets vary from the clear to the vague. By expressing it in fragments, I was able to use it as a means to explore the ambiguity of action and the boundary between fact and fiction.

Opens Thursday 4th July 6-8pm at Moosey Art, Labour In Vain Yard, Norwich, NR2 1JD