'Not See It Even' By KINJO

Moosey is delighted to announce, ‘Not See It Even’, a Solo Exhibition by Japanese artist, KINJO. Upon first glance of KINJO’s paintings, shifty wide eyes swell from the canvas, a deer caught in the headlights. The viewer is in line of sight, a part of the conversation, yet unable to make eye contact.

KINJO, B.1990 is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. His work is characterised by the great influence of American culture and symbolism whilst he was growing up in Okinawa, a prefecture island of Japan. The eyes are set against the backdrop of his own fear and express how cultural and consumerist symbols can permeate the minds of the young and susceptible.

The paintings presented in ‘Not See It Even’ are not only influenced by symbolic notions, but are translated landscapes taken from KINJO’s personal experience of walking around his local environment. The canvas can be seen as cut outs of exterior walls or billboards, old factories and wide rivers, giving you a sense of the time and environmental changes deposited within a city. Adding a layer of not only real but perceived physicality to KINJO’s paintings.

KINJO's work has been exhibited worldwide, including solo exhibitions at YIRI ARTS in Taipei and PARCEL in Tokyo. His art has also been featured in various group exhibitions across Japan and Taiwan.