Jun Oson was born in 1979 in Aichi, Japan and started his career as an illustrator in 2005. Characters with a peanut-shaped feature were created at that time. His artworks have a stateless style based on the influence of manga and animations that he has been unconsciously influenced by since childhood, with elements from Western artists. It may be similar to the way the Japanese, who maintained a unique culture, are being influenced by the West to create a more special culture. In addition to people with various skin colours, monsters and robots appear in his works. "Diversity" is something he has always had since he started his career and is fundamental to his values.

Jun Oson has presented his works as an artist at several individual and group exhibitions up to now, but his 2019 solo exhibition "Share Land" in Beijing and his 2020 solo exhibition "DISTANCE" in Diesel, Tokyo, has shown that he has changed from an illustrator to an artist.

Now, his impressive pieces, such as layered works and works moulded into contours, get peopleʼs attention not only in Japan but also internationally.

“When several images are drawn as single pictures, separated by panels like in a comic book, the viewer naturally imagines the relationship between them and the story. This is especially true for us Japanese who are familiar with manga.

We have assumptions about what women are like, or what flowers are like, based on our experiences in life, and this is the basis of our imaginations.

We cannot ignore stereotypes. Since these fixed ideas are formed in the course of our lives, each viewer will imagine things differently. It is interesting to dismantle the relationship or story that once came to mind and try to reimagine it as something completely different. The viewer can immerse himself or herself in the world of imagination.”