'Red & Green' by Hi-Dutch

Hi -Dutch is a Japanese artist, his chosen technique of working with resign was developed through his career of repairing surf boards. Hi-Dutch has been creating art works with resin combining with yarns, woods and other materials. He has been exhibiting his works not only at galleries but at stores in various cities including, Japan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, San Jose, Hawaii, Taipei and Australia

“The idea for this solo exhibition came to me when I saw red apples and green apples at a fruit store. If you were a baby and saw two different coloured apples for the first time, would they taste the same? Sometimes it looks warm, sometimes it looks cold... Even if the shape is the same, different colours give different impressions. With that in mind, I expanded my imagination and created red and green works and a space for this solo exhibition. Different colours give different impressions to each viewer. I hope that the viewer will have many different ways of thinking and feeling.”