'Sent from my iPhone' by SOON.EASY

Within the world of ‘Sent from my iPhone’, SOON.EASY (B.1990 South Korea), deliberately explores life's darker facets and negative emotions. Reminiscent of the strangeness faced in extreme commercialism, the pressure of time, and vain desires all found within the noticing of the everyday within our peripheral vision.

Seemingly lighthearted, bright colours and sometimes cartoon-esque elements are contrast to the slogans and proverbs used to juxtapose the tragic content, it aligns with the exhibition's attempt to face and understand difficult emotions. Through everyday elements like FaceTime screens, banknotes, and rear-view cameras, SOON.EASY visualises these emotions as tangible materials found in an iPhone photo album; commenting on the fact these symbols and images are constantly in our vision, yet we seldom see them.

The paintings, like unsweetened masquerades, poster the walls... SOON.EASY states “...The bitter realities expressed in an innocent way are expressed as a kind of comedy, which is an effort to overcome the tragedy of life and an attempt to restore the neglected negativity to life...”