'Squish' by Evan Hudson

Born in 1995, in Toronto Canada, Evan Hudson uses a combination of sculpture
and painting through the medium of modelling clay to touch on themes of absurdity, surrealism, the uncanny, and the ephemeral nature of life. After becoming frustrated with the overly academic nature of fine art school, Hudson dropped out to begin working/painting full-time and collaborating with other artists. Using a seemingly naive medium, while referencing classical art, Hudson takes a sardonic, playful approach to entering an art world often steeped in pretension.

With his works mainly revolving around humour, sarcasm and irony, Evan is keen
to express that he has no desire to restrict himself to certain themes. “Some days I want to make something nice and whimsical, and sometimes I don’t, limiting myself to a certain set of emotions would feel dishonest and boring”. These more whimsical days result in some of Evan’s more nature-centric works: rainbows, a campfire at nighttime. These pieces are also ones that Evan sees as his most advanced works.

“They take a lot of planning, the more I make the more methodical the practice gets. It almost feels backwards to take a motif like a rainbow and break it down into numbers and simple math, but that’s what makes it fun.”

Evan testifies to the “less exciting” parts of his practice to be the most satisfying. He expresses his love for mixing, weighing colours and prepping surfaces.“These tasks feel almost meditative. It’s usually in the midst of that, that you get those ‘eureka’ moments that you look for.”