'Fondness' by Yoon Hyung-Taek

Born in 1985, South Korea, artist Yoon Hyung-Taek, now based in Seoul, depicts the intimacy encased in everyday moments through his flat colour, facile portraits. Drawing his inspiration from fragmented memories, as well the human experience of closeness, his practice gives the viewer a radiating sense of warmth and comfort.

Through the subtitles and stillness displayed within his works Hyung-Taek boasts his modest yet intricate style. In many of his works, Hyung-Taek’s composition details his subjects facing away from each-other, highlighting his interest in the sense of trust we feel by simply being at a loved one’s side.

“We sit next to each other without any purpose and look at the moment when we are together as if our time overlaps”

‘Fondness’ captures the essence of comfortability and the subtle joy we feel in the seemingly ordinary moments of everyday life.