'Moment' by Yudai Nishi

Yudai Nishi (b, 1991). Is a Japanese artist living and working in Tokyo. His practice
consists of graphic, acrylic paintings on bespoke wooden panels.

For his UK solo show ‘Moment’ Yudai Nishi has centered his focus around his
deconstruction of ordinary everyday ‘objects’. Utilising the use of bold, black
rhythmic lines, contrasting against carefully chosen flat, vivid colour, Nishi creates
his striking signature style. succeeding in his efforts to captivate and “swallow the
vision of the audience” in order to leave them with a lingering heir of dèja vu.

Nishi recalls stumbling across a graffiti encyclopedia at a young age, thus marking the start of his love affair with American comic books and street art. A nod of admiration to which can be clearly seen within his work.

“I deconstruct, then rebuild my subject. If I can build up a visual that I like from the
fragments, I will use it as my motif” Nishi says. With this, he creates simplistic yet
playful compositions. “I emphasise black lines in my paintings because they can
only be found in the 2-dimensional world. As a painter, I am always seeking unique expressions within the 2-dimensional world and I want to use black lines to illustrate something that only exists in that world, something that’s out of our world.” He adds.

Nishi aims to keep his own explanations for his works minimal and illusive, in order for his audience to build their own rapport with his paintings. Naming each of the works “No title” he allows the pieces to take on a life of their own and gives space for the viewer to form a narrative independent from his own, encouraging them to delve into the depths of their own imaginations.