'Something's wrong with Maya' by Maya Golyshkina

Maya is a 22 year-old, London based self- portrait, performance artist. She was keen on art from a very young age, when she was studying in art school; she has been experimenting in the field of photography, painting and sculpturing. Maya began her creative professional career over the past years of ongoing pandemics.

Employing a wide range of materials and objects around her household, creating wearable structures, she shows people the new perspective of mundane objects that could be very unusual.

In her works, she wants to present various parts of her personality and vision, everything from primitive things to spiritual, emotional and personal experiences. The main focus in her works is an idea rather than a visual representation; she wants to try on different ideas and experience them. The body also plays an essential role in her works. She presents its versatility. The body has been for her a tool too manifest against patriarchy society, fight against stereotypes of a woman’s body, and show its strength. Maya reflects on herself, gaining more awareness of her character and the body while in the process of creating a piece.

"Is there something wrong with me? I have been asking myself this question all my life, I have never seen this world as ordinary, I have never felt part of it, I have always wanted to change it, to experiment and create my own, to change its rules and roles, and the thought of living the same life seemed boring.

In this exhibition I am showing the erasure of roles, destinies and through my self-portraits I am still trying to find the answer if I am still normal? 

You'll also have a chance to touch my reality (literally),  maybe feel a little crazy and change your own world afterwards."

Opens Saturday 27th April 6-8pm