'Super - Charged' by Jet Carter

Jermaine “jET” Carter (b.1998) Washington DC, graduated The Cooper
Union-Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Through the medium of coloured pencil on handmade paper, jET Carter brings to life objects that hold tremendous emotional & financial energy from their own life experiences. From receipts to bills, even discarded paper scraps from students, every element pulsates with significance in making the of the surface for the narratives and characters to occupy.

Within this body of work, “charged imagery” takes centre stage.
“Charged imagery” refers to visual content within the work that possesses a powerful, intense, or provocative quality. It implies that the imagery carries a strong emotional or conceptual impact, often evoking a visceral response from the viewer. While it can sometimes be associated with images that are difficult or challenging to look at, it is not solely limited to that aspect. While some images may challenge the viewer’s comfort zone, charged imagery goes beyond that, transcending boundaries and captivating the senses.

Drawing inspiration from real-life moments in history, the artist’s work features characters that inhabit these narratives. Each piece is a double entendre, symbolising the super-charged energy present not only in its creation but also within the imagery itself. These characters become vessels of human experiences, inviting you to explore the complexity of existence.