'Right on Time' by Sydnie & Hayley Jimenez

Sydnie and Haylie Jimenez (b, 1997 United States, currently living and working from Montana, U.S.A). Although born in Orlando, FL the twins spent most of their childhood residing in North Georgia. Currently they are both attending a residency at the world-renowned Archie Bray foundation in Helena, Montana. Prior to which both graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 2020).

This collection of ceramic sculptures, ceramic paintings, and multimedia drawings draws on memories of Sydnie and Haylie’s experiences with friends and found families. Clay is chosen as a medium for its universally ancient history and its unpredictable qualities. Each work draws directly or indirectly from specific memories that they have recalled with various friends in Chicago and the american south, creating certain nostalgic and expressive imagery.

“The title “Right on Time” comes from the acronym ROT, something that has become a symbolic representation of longevity and family within our friends in Chattanooga, TN, but also encompasses the community and care found among queer and BIPOC friends in Chicago. Often as black and brown femmes, our actions of navigating what deadlines should be met and when as well as comments/concerns of how quickly or how slowly “life” is moving is often policed based on societal expectations; we view “Right on Time” as a sort of motto or lifestyle where we are where we’re meant to be.” Sydnie and Haylie tell us.