'The Gift For The Flower' by The Tvorogov Brothers

Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov (B.1988. Moscow, Russia).The Artist duo studied at School of contemporary art ‘Free workshops’ at Moscow Museum of Modern Art, they live and work in Moscow. The pair have exhibited nationally and internationally.

The works of Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov portray fragments of a fairy tale, using various mediums such as oil and acrylic paintings and sculptures. They use the languages of animation, comics, video games, book illustrations and puppet shows – the first visual languages that people learn and use to shape their worldview. Inspired by them, artists build a world without roles and entertaining storytelling, a world where the ordinary becomes a fairytale motif and a source of deep connection with reality.

‘The Gift For The Flower’

One day the sun descended upon a small town to make a gift to a flower...

In this fairy tale, you won’t find a thrilling story, vivid scenes or moral guidance. Instead of following the rules of the genre, the Tvorogov brothers are more captivated by the power of pauses, subtlety, silence and the voids left unfilled.

In ‘The Gift For The Flower’ Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov continue their practice of creating plotless fairy tales delicately balancing between frankness and aloofness, tension and serenity, ordinariness and mystery. The paintings, like pages randomly torn from a book, become autonomous fragments, freed from the confines of linear storytelling. This absence of a set direction and narrative boundaries seems to invite viewers to wander freely and dive deeper into the imaginary landscape, crafting their own unique interaction and interpretation.