'The Rabbit Hole' by Maciej Kosc

Within Maciej Kość's world we find ourselves dropped deep through ‘The Rabbit Hole’. Maciej Kość AKA ‘BAMOY’, presents his debut solo show with Moosey and opens a dialogue situated somewhere between fantasy and reality. Kość, born in 2001 lives in Warsaw, Poland and is currently studying painting at Edinburgh College of Art.
Upon entering The Rabbit Hole, absurd punchy characters serve their purpose of deflecting and avoiding their own feelings, travelling down the rabbit hole to a path of unassuming integrity. There is a confusion, a confrontation of a new system; but one we are unseemingly familiar with. This familiar unfamiliarity is accelerated by the way Kość makes the work, fuzzy and slick paint boldly post it notes on the hyper realistic depictions, fueling the situation at hand. There's an exaggeration of unsettled eyes and amplifications of cheshire cat smiles in wavy colours permeating the room.
A subtle knowing influences the caricature nature of the work, and perhaps this reminds us of a feeling we felt today, amplified by the bright and diverse textures of the painting. Kosc’s interests lie within the boundaries of focal points, between hyperrealism, design and photography to the in-between nature of abstraction and tangibility. Within ‘the theme of digital’ he explores the perimeters of digital to analogue, avoiding post digital aesthetics whilst keeping painterly mistakes and blemishes.
The Rabbit Hole, aptly named as Kość presents a labyrinthine, a way of working that connects different themes in underground corridors, overlapping and colliding into one another as each to Kość are important. This reflects his way of working and brings together an honest portrayal of his world.