'What You On?' by Dan David

'What You On?' will feature all of Dan Davids classic stone pieces as well as a host of new works ranging from collaborations with Pref ID to nostalgic 90's artefacts.The exhibition opens from 6:30pm on Thursday the 21st March and promises to deliver a proper 90's nostalgic evening filled with acid house, neon and stone.The location is a ten minute walk from Old Street Station on Mintern street. N1 5EG.

In the early 90s, as a young trainee stone carver, Dan was hugely influenced by the period’s dynamism, which saw him travelling to raves in fields, warehouses and squats throughout the UK and Europe. And, as with many others then questioning the status quo, he was deeply affected by the political atmosphere, actively participating in the Anti Criminal Justice Bill march.

Creatively, the YBAs of the time, who so skillfully interpreted the 90s zeitgeist, were – and are - a major influence. It means his work today both honours their unique creativity and captures the decade’s heady atmosphere, At the same time, it pays tribute to what, for many, was the best - and most original - music ever produced.

Still the pleasure seeker, Dan David travels the world
in his continuous quest for beauty. Indeed, the rare and unusual
stone used for the large piece from which the exhibition takes its name - ‘What You On?’ - he discovered in India’s remote Rajasthan.
* Appropriately, for this exhibition, Dan is collaborating with the UK’s leading graffiti artist, Pref I.D.