A unique combination of talent and insight, Maxx Henry-Frazer, otherwise known as Snipe, through his 15-year celebration of vintage art and modern posters, cements a unique and lasting impression throughout the art and film scene. His artistic nostalgia, coupled with his mastery of stroke technique, has withstood the hallmark of more sophisticated and heroic representations in film. Maxx offers a transformative commentary on modern-day heroism through the complex and inventive treatment of vintage and international film posters.

“The images you connect with can tell you something about yourself and they can make a statement to the world about who you are.” - Maxx Henry-Frazer

Born in D.C., with a deep passion for art at his core, Maxx’s infatuation was triggered at an early age while spending quality time with his design-minded father touring national museums. Although, never interested in realism as a child, Maxx’s interest was fast-juxtaposed by his natural attempts to reproduce the clean lines and vivid colors of comics in his own original comic designs. Those early days of design led Maxx to explore how iconic characters might work when layered into movieposter imagery. Maxx acquired an massive assortment of domestic and foreign movie posters from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s so that he could start to create something that he hopes will blur the lines between the our childhood's and our adult lives.