'Self Portrait'

By César Piette
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28 layer screenprint on Somerset velvet 300GSM
72cm x 72cm 
Hand signed edition of 75
Comes with certificate of authenticity

Strictly one per customer. Orders of more than one will be cancelled.

About the artist

His paintings reinvestigate the very nature of Figurative Painting. Using its essential characteristics such as perspective, light, materials... The paintings have a slick, glossy surface and are realised on wood panels with airbrush, following a process that takes its roots into the traditional method of Classical Under-Painting. They are worked in monochromatic coats covered by color layers. The thin washes of airbrush paint, the combination of painting / underpainting and and the glossy surface give a particular light that seems to come from the background of the painting reminiscent the screen of a computer.

The Artworks emphasise our immersion in the virtual world and new technologies: those works are based on 3D modeling with a free, open source software, simulating light, space and materials. With 3D software, construction of the canvasses becomes literally a construction game.
Although their workmanship shows a strong technical mastery, a close inspection lets appear tiny scalpels strokes, painting’s drizzles or subtle brush strokes on the surface, thus exploring the relation between the digital and the analog. They reflect the way how we apprehend pictures today, question us about the very nature of Art and our perception. They find themselves at the border of Painting, Toy’s Photographs, and print of a 3D rendernig.