Todd Atticus

How can something this alluring be cynical? 

Through a varied practice of painting, sculpture and collage, Todd Atticus makes art that blurs the boundaries between popular culture, art, advertising and tradition. 

His work carefully balances celebration and criticism of both its subjects and the contexts in which they are featured. Atticus appropriates accepted visual stimuli and repurposes them for his own. His physical art objects are often reinforced and linked through digital or performed elements.

Todd Atticus is a British artist. He was born in 1991 and has exhibited in the UK, Europe, Canada and New Zealand. He currently lives in Madrid, where he has a studio. All You Need is Love and Coffee (2017) is the latest installment in his ongoing Data Splice series. ‘Data Splicing’ is the term Atticus uses to describe his indiscriminate juxtaposition—and distortion—of visual ingredients.