'Spoopy And Poopstock'

By Kobusher
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4 colour screenprint

70cm x 70cm 

Hand signed edition of 25 

This is the first screenprint release from the Filipino artist and the first from a series of 4 designs being released throughout the year. 







About the artist

Kobusher is a late bloomer in the Manila art scene. Spent most of his career in advertising but never lost his first love which is painting. He took up Fine Arts (major in painting) at the University of the Philippines but most of his influences came from pop culture. Being a child of the 80’s his visual narrative was honed by Sesame Street, Keith Haring, Lee Quiñones Run Dmc, and MTVs.

In 2015 he literally walked out from his work and decided to stick it to the man. He felt that he has done everything he can as an artist during his stint as a Creative Director in one of Philippines' top agency, and decided that it’s now time for the next phase of his career. One by one he was able to produce a series of paintings for a show. Secret Fresh Gallery in the Philippines gave him his first break, and in January of 2016 his first solo show. Which incidentally sold out.